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Water: Technical Resources
Energy: Technical Resources
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Tags : Energy, Energy Efficiency, Environmental protection, Licensing, Renewable Energy
Description: This Law identifies the responsibilities of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities, which include: • The exploitation of renewable energy sources • Contribute to the protection of the environment and achieve sustainable development through the promotion of renewable energy • Rationalize the exploitation of energy and improving efficiency in various sectors Source:
Tags : Environmental protection, Quality monitoring, water, Water pollution
Description: Issued in accordance with Article (23) of the Environmental Protection Law No. (1) for the year 2003. According to this regulation the Ministry of Environment in coordination with the concerned authorities are responsible to control and monitor water quality by taking the measures required for lab tests and determine the suitability of water for the intended end-use. The Ministry also set environmental conditions that must be met to authorize the development projects according to the EIA study in order to protect water sources from pollution. Source: Ministry of Environment
Tags : Health, Medical care, Occupational health, Safety, Work environment
Description: Issued under the provisions of paragraph (C) of Article (85) of the Labour Law No. (8) for the year 1996. The provisions of this regulation obligate any institution to ensure the medical capability of workers via preliminary and regular medical examinations. Source:
Tags : Industry monitoring, Licensing, Mining rights, Natural resources, Safety
Description: Issued in Accordance with Article (68) of Law No. (37) for the Year 1966 (Temporary Law for the Organization of Natural Resources Affairs). It is applied for acquiring prospecting permits, exploration licenses, mining rights and certificates of registration of discovery. Source:
Tags : Land use, Licensing, Mining rights, Natural resources, Penalties, Safety, water
Description: Natural Resource Authority Law is the base at which the Authority was established, it regulates the administrative structure of the Authority, and specifies its’ duties which include: • Establishing water policy in Jordan • Establishing a policy for the development and exploitation of mineral wealth • Reclamation of land within the areas of irrigation projects, to irrigate and divide them into units according to the nature of the agricultural region • Research of primary and preparatory studies • organizing and directing the public and private artesian wells
Tags : Environmental monitoring, Environmental Planning, Environmental protection, Environmental Standards, Sustainable development
Description: Issued in accordance with Articles (52) and (56) of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Law No. (32) for the year 2000. It aims mainly at protecting the environment of the zone and preserving its ‘natural resource. It prohibits any inappropriate use of sea water. It also forbids the use of any hazardous substances, radioactive and nuclear weapons in the zone.
Tags : Environmental monitoring, Environmental protection, Hazardous material, Mitigation measures, Safety
Description: Issued in accordance with Article (23) of the Environmental Protection Law No. (1) for the year 2003. This regulation sets the necessary measures to deal with emergency situations resulting from sudden destruction to any environmental element and threaten its’ safety. The Ministry of Environment and other concerned entities ministry, and according to this regulation, should put a plan on environmental protection and pollution control in emergency situations, in addition to managing and monitoring the emergency plan implementation.
Tags : Air quality, Environmental protection, Mitigation measures, Monitoring, Noise Prevention
Description: Issued in accordance with Article (23) of the Environmental Protection Law No. (1) for the year 2003. This regulation states that any entity conducts activities that negatively impact the environment is obligated to prepare an EIA report for its project and submit such report to the Ministry of Environment to take the appropriate decision on approving the project.
Tags : Drugs, Health, Licensing, Penalties, Pharmaceutical industry, Pharmaceutical Inspection
Description: This Law states the responsibilities of the ministry of Health in supervising and controlling the pharmaceutical industry, and all its handling processes, this law specifies also the inspection procedure and penalties in cases of violation. Source:
Tags : Food Additives, Food quality control, Food safety, Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP, Health, Licensing, Penalties, Risk assessment
Description: This Law states that Jordan Food and Drugs Administration is the only party responsible for food supervision and health control including suitability for human consumption on all its handling processes, this law specifies also the duties of the JFDA in controlling the food safety. It identifies the inspection procedure and penalties in cases of violation. Source:

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